SULYAP Gallery Cafe and Restaurant

The fact that I haven’t known about this place until a month ago makes me wonder how on earth this escaped me??? I frequent San Pablo City because of official business and I really had no idea this lovely place exists! My KIND of romantic, old and artistic vibes of the past. That beautiful go-to escape for old souls like me.

The fact that I haven’t known about this place until a month ago makes me wonder how on earth this escaped me??? I frequent San Pablo City because of official business and I really had no idea this lovely place exists! My KIND of romantic, old and artistic vibes of the past. That beautiful go-to escape for old souls like me.

Anyhow, I was just so grateful that I finally had the opportunity to see and explore a little, have a taste of Filipino food with a twist just recently!

Sulyap is attractively old-fashioned! The moment I stepped out of the car, I had this wide grin, had to prevent myself from shrieking in delight and just take shots with my digicam (yes, I’m that ready! ha ha)

I can’t wait to go back to explore more – aside from its gallery cafe, it also has a museum and bed and breakfast hotel.

BATANGAS | Pico de Loro Cove


Everytime Eden and Sandra are home for a vacation, the barkada sees to it that we have a simple getaway. After discussing a list of possible places to go to, we along with ate Carina finalized  an overnight stay in Pico De Loro Cove through the generosity of Eric (ironically, he was not able to join us along with ate Riffie). But we were joined by our respective closest relatives – who also made this trip possible. :)

We left by noontime and had a smooth travel going to the resort because we took a different route (we turned right at F. Alix St, Nasugbu Proper). I enjoyed the view with all the greenery and it being my first time made it remarkable too.


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ORIENTAL MINDORO │Towns of Baco and Naujan

We have scheduled a visit to Ritchie’s hometown. He is our cousin/barkada who returned for good to his family in Naujan, Oriental Mindoro. Since it’s a two-day trip, I suggested that we go to some tourists spots in the area and the neighboring towns. I have on my list the Infinity Farm in Baco and Simbahang Bato, Benilda’s in Bancuro and La Hacienda in Naujan. It took only a quick research and a power of convincing for me to make this happen. :)

Incidentally, Ritchie had to go to his former university to process something so he was able to join us from Batangas City. We took the 6am Supercat trip because we wanted to start early. We had a very smooth sail, thank God, despite the fact that’s it’s already rainy season. Our itinerary included breakfast at Jollibee – Calapan City proper before heading to our first destination.

Since we’re already at the central area, the transport terminal is just a walking distance from the fastfood branch. Good thing the jeepney to Baco was almost full with passengers so we didn’t have to wait for long. After about 30 mins of travel, we arrived at the town public market and hurriedly bought additional food and drinks and other personal utilities we need before hiring a tricycle. We only had to pay Php400.00 (we’re 5) for the roundtrip ride. That’s relatively a low fare, considering the distance.

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A book is a gift you can open again and again. — Garrison Keillor

I remember my constraints while I was growing up but I knew that I love reading and books since I was a child. I started with reading my mother’s old copies of Reader’s Digest and Health & Home. And finding myself at the school’s library browsing the books, magazines, etc. and reading what caught my interest. Same at bookstores. I never had the urge to buy any reading material because I didn’t have (enough) money. Borrowing from  libraries and friends sustained my insatiable love for reading. The moment I realized I can buy a book or two and magazines I started with Booksale (I love the joy of every find) and before buying a brand new one, I had to really like the author and the reviews, otherwise – no purchase will be made.

My humble story of how I started collecting explains why receiving books as gifts makes me happy. Especially nowadays that I shy away from bookstores because I promised myself not to buy unless I was able to finish reading one. So when Sandra (we call her Daggie), my childhood friend/cousin/barkada told me to choose among the pile of books she set up on the floor (she’s home for a vacation), I was ecstatic. Who wouldn’t be when I found these knowing they’re now mine —


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BATANGAS │ Verde Island


Still on a high from exploring Fortune Island in Nasugbu, I was so excited to see Isla Verde in Batangas City – the second island I get to visit in a week’s time! The trip was part of our Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities. And such was to support the PNP Batangas Regional Office through our “Agapay Kabayan” community program.

Isla Verde is located almost in the center of the Verde Island Passage between Batangas and Puerto Galera. And under the city of Batangas with 6 barangays. I was just seeing this island from afar during trips to Oriental Mindoro. It was such a trill to be able to “land” here and partially witness its beauty.

ISLA Verde

“Verde Island has been a destination for tourist and divers in Batangas City since 1999.”

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BATANGAS │ Fortune Island: The Greek-Inspired Escape in Nasugbu, Batangas

When my Ate Carina called me to ask if I’m available to join her and her BFF, Wynn (among her son and friends) on a day tour at Fortune Island, I was hesitant to answer right away. I’ve known about this island located approximately 14 kms off the coast of Brgy. Bucana in the town of Nasugbu through several blogs and wanted to go but not on the date she mentioned. Anyhow, since I can’t let her down, I said yes.


a scene for the adventurous

To say that I am expecting it to be completely beautiful is an understatement. I was actually hoping that all the pictures I’ve seen of the island are close enough to reality. But I didn’t hope that much so as not to be disappointed. The moment I saw the island from afar, I looked forward to making that day a memorable one with the group. And I’m grateful, it was.

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eye care

During the time when I’m under medication for an infectious bacterial fever, I had red eyes (not sore eyes, though) which were very sensitive to light. I wasn’t able to have them checked due to my condition. Man, it was so frustrating. Since I have the fever, I was very weak then, with no appetite and tire easily. I stayed in the confines of my room and just sleep. Because even watching TV brought pain to my eyes, and reading causes strain.

Before the fever, I already had my eyes checked due to frequent headache and cases of blurred vision with the Company’s accredited Ophthalmologist and found out that I needed to wear eyeglasses (will never opt for contact lenses) due to hyperopia or farsightedness. It was sudden. At first, I had to convince myself that this is really happening. I have a 20/20 vision through the years and this came unexpectedly. Then this…

I was back at Mary Mediatrix Medical Center for a follow-up and to secure medical clearance. Also, to consult a new Ophthalmologist to check my eyes. I’m grateful he’s kind enough (I didn’t feel so anxious), but when he told me, “Galit na galit mga ugat mo ah!” I knew something’s wrong. A few minutes later, he handed me my diagnosis – anterior uveitisI was like – now that’s 2 eye conditions in a month’s time! Panicked, I was. But I felt a sudden calmness after I made a silent prayer. And the fact that the doctor didn’t tell me that it’s alarming, I’m good. I only have to undergo treatment with prescription eye drops – antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs.

It’s been a month since and still on medication. I’m being patient, I had to. It’s no joke to have eye problems specifically inflammation. This was such an opener for me to not take them for granted and never “overdo” it. I may now use eyeglasses and look a bit like a “nerd” but it doesn’t matter. If it means that I’m doing the right thing, then all’s good and no more hard times for me and the “windows to my soul.”

BATANGAS │Laurel: Malagaslas & Ambon Ambon Falls

I love waterfalls. =) I grew up exploring some near our place. It’s practically part of my childhood and adolescent adventures. So, upon knowing that a trek to Laurel’s famous ones was included in our itinerary for a day tour at Amansinaya Mountain Resort, I was ecstatic. I enjoyed roaming around the resort with my friends, yes, but I was so looking forward to seeing them.

Ambon-Ambon Falls

There were only five of us including our guide. We passed through several streams and feasted our eyes with the greenery of the ricefields along the way.

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Proverbs 9:11  For by me your days will be multiplied, And years of life will be added to you.

It’s been an overwhelming and meaningful turn-about for me this year and I’m grateful. Although I still have some disheartening things on the side, I have profoundly realized and saw how the Lord is changing me to achieve the best version of me to honor Him.  Finally, I am opening my heart to Him and embracing His blessings in my life. Speaking of which, I’d love to chronicle my 2016 so far through the past months and its corresponding remarkable events for me:

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