eye care

During the time when I’m under medication for an infectious bacterial fever, I had red eyes (not sore eyes, though) which were very sensitive to light. I wasn’t able to have them checked due to my condition. Man, it was so frustrating. Since I have the fever, I was very weak then, with no appetite and tire easily. I stayed in the confines of my room and just sleep. Because even watching TV brought pain to my eyes, and reading causes strain.

Before the fever, I already had my eyes checked due to frequent headache and cases of blurred vision with the Company’s accredited Ophthalmologist and found out that I needed to wear eyeglasses (will never opt for contact lenses) due to hyperopia or farsightedness. It was sudden. At first, I had to convince myself that this is really happening. I have a 20/20 vision through the years and this came unexpectedly. Then this…

I was back at Mary Mediatrix Medical Center for a follow-up and to secure medical clearance. Also, to consult a new Ophthalmologist to check my eyes. I’m grateful he’s kind enough (I didn’t feel so anxious), but when he told me, “Galit na galit mga ugat mo ah!” I knew something’s wrong. A few minutes later, he handed me my diagnosis – anterior uveitisI was like – now that’s 2 eye conditions in a month’s time! Panicked, I was. But I felt a sudden calmness after I made a silent prayer. And the fact that the doctor didn’t tell me that it’s alarming, I’m good. I only have to undergo treatment with prescription eye drops – antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs.

It’s been a month since and still on medication. I’m being patient, I had to. It’s no joke to have eye problems specifically inflammation. This was such an opener for me to not take them for granted and never “overdo” it. I may now use eyeglasses and look a bit like a “nerd” but it doesn’t matter. If it means that I’m doing the right thing, then all’s good and no more hard times for me and the “windows to my soul.”


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