BATANGAS │ Fortune Island: The Greek-Inspired Escape in Nasugbu

When my Ate Carina called me to ask if I’m available to join her and her BFF, Wynn (among her son and friends) on a day tour at Fortune Island, I was hesitant to answer right away. I’ve known about this island located approximately 14 kms off the coast of Brgy. Bucana in the town of Nasugbu through several blogs and wanted to go but not on the date she mentioned. Anyhow, since I can’t let her down, I said yes.

a scene for the adventurous

To say that I am expecting it to be completely beautiful is an understatement. I was actually hoping that all the pictures I’ve seen of the island are close enough to reality. But I didn’t hope that much so as not to be disappointed. The moment I saw the island from afar, I looked forward to making that day a memorable one with the group. And I’m grateful, it was.

Fortune Island Resort is the establishment under rental contract for the island. Wynn’s friend arranged our boat ride and all the necessary permits. If I remember it correctly, we paid 600.00 each for the round trip plus contribution for food. So budget is more or less 1,000.00 depending on the number of persons per group. We’re 8 so considerably, it’s reasonable.

This getaway is certainly one for the adventurous spirit. While the island was once a luxurious resort, it was long been closed down. You’ll only see dilapidated resthouses with no bathrooms nor toilets. And running water. How’s that? :)

Prior to our trip, we made sure that we bring the following:

  • tents
  • food
  • water
  • extra clothes
  • and other personal utilities (for convenience)

Once docked and settled our things on the shore, we hurriedly looked for a spot to put our tents. It was so hot that I had to open my umbrella right away. (Trivia: I am not fond of putting any SPF lotion because it makes me very uncomfortable. I still have to get my natural color – I’m morena – back since my Cambodia trip actually, then this – negra to the max na ‘ko!) We found a nice spot to put our tents and things and decided to eat first before exploring. Ate Carina prepared and the food’s more than enough for a day’s consumption for 8 pax. We’re full and grateful! :-) We had buttered tahong, pork barbecue, chicken adobo, pancit, etc. and fruits for dessert such as indian mango, banana and pineapple. We were able to buy some at the Nasugbu street market.

When it’s time to go to the island’s version of Acropolis, I checked for my digicam and camera phone and had my umbrella ready. It’s a small feat climbing, but the heat made it hard to. Since there were still many tourists, we waited until we can have our pictures taken with the pillars. While doing so, we basked on the breathtaking view before us —

Greek-inspired statues on top of Fortune Island
the Grecian pillars
the view that brings many tourists here

It was worth the heat and everything edgy I was feeling then. Specially since I was struggling with my fear of heights. I’ve reached as far as the Venus statue, where you can view the cliff where tourists can dive. I didn’t attempt going down, though. My knees were wobbling too much to even try.

After so many shots taken, we decided to go back to our tents to rest… and eat again. As they were to go on swimming after. I, on the other hand didn’t intend to due to a certain constraint. However, it didn’t stop me from capturing the scenery and watch them enjoy the turquoise waters. Never mind the scorching heat, the soothing sound of the waves compensated for it.

they keep on coming!
customary :)
lovely flowers
Nasugbu coastline sunset view

As the afternoon progressed, we explored the other side of the island where a ship wreck (replica) that used to be part of a restaurant remains. I didn’t take a picture of it as well as that of the bone remnants of a woman- creepy, eeep! I’ve read somewhere that there were several sunken ships in the area. And that there were a few campers overnight who experienced something eerie.

Anyways, at almost 4pm it was time for us to prepare to leave the island. While waiting for our boat to arrive, we cleaned our area as we packed our things. I noticed only few left who I assumed will camp for the night too. The waves by this time was a bit rough. We settled at the bench overlooking the sea and the Nasugbu coastline.

Before heading to the boat, I hurriedly took one last glance of the “Acropolis” and thought– perhaps this will be the first and last time that I’ll explore this island. But I’m grateful. It’s one rare opportunity and to have this chance of seeing one of the tourist destinations in Batangas was truly remarkable. I’m glad to have realized too and reminded again that it’s important to see the beauty in everything. At Fortune Island, I didn’t dwell on the “other side” anymore but looked at its gem instead, the reason why it’s being explored by many. :)


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