BATANGAS │ Verde Island


Still on a high from exploring Fortune Island in Nasugbu, I was so excited to see Isla Verde in Batangas City – the second island I get to visit in a week’s time! The trip was part of our Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities. And such was to support the PNP Batangas Regional Office through our “Agapay Kabayan” community program.

Isla Verde is located almost in the center of the Verde Island Passage between Batangas and Puerto Galera. And under the city of Batangas with 6 barangays. I was just seeing this island from afar during trips to Oriental Mindoro. It was such a trill to be able to “land” here and partially witness its beauty.

ISLA Verde

“Verde Island has been a destination for tourist and divers in Batangas City since 1999.”

Since we had a very early call time, I had to wake up by 2am to be at the compound at 4am.  We rode a bus to Brgy. Sampaga, where our boat was docked, our point of exit to the island. The ride was approximately 1 hour- our main destination was Barangay San Agustin where the project was held. It was a smooth journey since at the time the sea is calm somehow. Good thing too the boat is big enough to accommodate us. Grateful that it was so.

We docked along the coast of Brgy. Agapito and we walked through the road going to the next barangay- San Agustin – passed a cemetery and coconut trees lined up plus a wonderful view such as these–



It was a struggle with the summer heat and big no. of people made the area congested and uncomfortable but anyhow, it was fulfilling to once again give service to fellow Batangueños. I’ve experienced too many CSRs already and it’s always a humbling one. Everything is worth it!

beautiful coastline
colors of Isla Verde
the island before dusk
boat docked in Brgy. Sampaga



Though we only had almost a day of stay, I have appreciated the island more than I can think of. I must admit I never thought of having this opportunity so it was such a bonus. And although we were able to explore only this side of the island, I believe I had the best views ever to capture. For all of these, I’m grateful.

I have come to realize that my current job has given me chances to travel I didn’t expect to have. When I resigned from my previous job which entailed a lot of business trips (my areas were Oriental and Occidental Mindoro, Romblon, Marinduque, Batangas and Quezon) I knew my “free” trips were over. But lo and behold, since 2009, I have a lot of surprises when it comes to travel and truly, there’s no sweetest gift than having official business and leisure combined because I’m lucky and blessed enough for such.

And this trip made me look forward to many more! :)


3 thoughts on “BATANGAS │ Verde Island

  1. Ang ganda diyan! I envy companies who take their employees on trips. I’d better start looking for a job in a company just like yours…lol. Are you guys hiring?

    1. thank you, Kayni! how I wish we were able to explore more. there’s more to see in the island. Verde Island Passage is actually known for its rich biodiversity. But the island is yet to reach its full potential in terms of tourism.

      would love to hire you. that isnif we can afford your salary. he he he :-)

      1. I’ll certainly Isla Verde on my list to visit. My list is getting long…lol.

        Oh don’t worry about the salary, I’m looking for the right fit at the moment…he he he.

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