I remember my constraints while I was growing up but I knew that I love reading and books since I was a child. I started with reading my mother’s old copies of Reader’s Digest and Health & Home. And finding myself at the school’s library browsing the books, magazines, etc. and reading what caught my interest. Same at bookstores. I never had the urge to buy any reading material because I didn’t have (enough) money. Borrowing from  libraries and friends sustained my insatiable love for reading. The moment I realized I can buy a book or two and magazines I started with Booksale (I love the joy of every find) and before buying a brand new one, I had to really like the author and the reviews, otherwise – no purchase will be made.

My humble story of how I started collecting explains why receiving books as gifts makes me happy. Especially nowadays that I shy away from bookstores because I promised myself not to buy unless I was able to finish reading one. So when Sandra (we call her Daggie), my childhood friend/cousin/barkada told me to choose among the pile of books she set up on the floor (she’s home for a vacation), I was ecstatic. Who wouldn’t be when I found these knowing they’re now mine —


A Thousand Splendid Suns. I remember wanting to buy The Kite Runner because of its good reviews and the fact that it was made into a movie made me interested even more. But since I am just into buying books at Booksale (not yet available here that time) I wasn’t able to find one. As much as I love books and reading, I’m not that person who buys books not on “sale”. So I was happy to have another book from the bestselling author Khaled Hosseini.

The Lucky One. I’ve already watch its movie adaptation and just like the other movies from Nicholas Sparks book collection, I loved it. Now I’m looking forward to reading this book and be in awe of a love story over again. :)

Secret by Rhonda Byrne. One self-help book I had wished to have when it became popular. I contented myself with browsing the site so I’m really glad to have a copy now. :)

Travel Guides for Florence, Portugal & Tasmania. A dream of going to Italy and some other parts of Europe may be elusive but it will not stop me from exploring the beautiful places through any platform possible.

The Great Gatsby. I love “old” and this being released in 1925 is a gem to have.

One Day. When I first saw the movie trailer, there was this kind of relatable aspect I can’t dismiss. Sadly, there’s no chance for me to see the film adaptation that time (and I don’t buy DVD copy) but to have the book is way better!

The Girl On the Train by Paula Hawkins. This particular psychological thriller had my attention upon reading the reviews. It was compared with Gone Girl, the movie I watched on cable which I happened to like. Plus the fact that it was on the bestselling list for a span of 13 weeks.

Wild by Cheryl Strayed. I already watched the movie through cable even before I had the chance reading it. The one thing that got me interested is the Pacific Crest Trail. I find it impossible for me to perceive how one can actually finish it ALONE. But realizing that the route is mostly through National Forest and protected wilderness, covers scenic and pristine mountainous terrain, I imagined if I have the chance and enough guts, I’d probably do it too.

The Racketeer. Everything John Grisham is superb. Enough said.

Perfect Match by Jodi Picoult. I have 2 (if I remember it right, really need to do inventory again) other books by her but haven’t read them yet. Sad, I know but I knew the reason why I bought her works – best selling novels about family, relationships, love and more.

For those who really know me know that the only material thing I regard so dearly are my books. Most of them I was able to write my name on and the date and place when and where I bought it. They are special because of the story behind every search and every find. Same feeling when I buy books to give occasionally. So receiving them as gifts mean as much.

Again, thank you for them Daggie. The gesture’s much appreciated. Simple joys. :)


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