Everytime Eden and Sandra are home for a vacation, the barkada sees to it that we have a simple getaway. After discussing a list of possible places to go to, we along with ate Carina finalized  an overnight stay in Pico De Loro Cove through the generosity of Eric (ironically, he was not able to join us along with ate Riffie). But we were joined by our respective closest relatives – who also made this trip possible. :)

We left by noontime and had a smooth travel going to the resort because we took a different route (we turned right at F. Alix St, Nasugbu Proper). I enjoyed the view with all the greenery and it being my first time made it remarkable too.



We were treated in a comfortable unit with complete amenities at Carola. It’s one of the 9 residential condominium buildings, surrounded with lush greens and shortly a distance from the clubhouse and other spots to explore. Upon settling in and refreshing a bit, we headed outside to bask on the greenery – such a relaxing spread, really. Though I was a bit reserved in appreciating the place in its entirety, the one thing that I have come to like the most is how nature somehow “engulfed” the vastness. Seeing the architecture “blends” with trees and a mountain as backdrop was relaxing. And the lagoon added to what already was to me an almost perfect picturesque view.

And for these reasons, we had to take photos of course, every angle was important but mostly of us too. :) I’m grateful that we had this chance because the weather was unpredictable – it can rain anytime. We stopped by the pool where some of the other guests were already having a splash and to also give my cousin’s son a time to enjoy the water too. We roamed around to see what the Country Club has to offer. Had a glimpse of the bowling/billiards center, the kids gym and basketball, tennis and badminton courts. We also checked Lagoa Restaurant’s menu though we’re not planning to dine there as we brought food good enough for our entire stay. It’s very convenient since the residential unit we stayed was rented, we can utilize it and for this instance cook our meals. And that way it’s practical. :)


The night was breezy. I didn’t wonder knowing that it being an environment-friendly resort, you will surely experience a clean and feel a bit of cold air. So apt for us to go out and had some bowling time for them after dinner while I just contented myself watching and taking pictures of their enjoyment. But after only a set, we decided to go back to our unit and spend hours chatting before calling it a night.



Our main itinerary the following day, our last day of stay was to go swimming at the beach and see the cove. To enter the area, one has to pay for the access, upon registration, it should be arranged already. 2 of us only opted to pay to be able to roam around while the rest including me decided not to. As I don’t plan to swim anyway. :) And so we went, with different directions in mind, but luck is upon us because we all had the chance to go to the coastline and enjoy the view. It was windy though and the waves were big but nevertheless they had fun whislt I, as usual took pictures of the scenery. Not long though, we left the area and proceeded to the place where a bridge is and of which we’re not able to explore the day before – that spot which I came to realize to be my fave. Because you can access a panoramic view of the surrounding mountain, trees and that saltwater lagoon – add to that beautiful flowers everywhere and ducks!


While we appreciated the landscaped grounds, we didn’t have much time to stay longer as we were to leave on schedule. Fortunately, we were back at the condo unit before the rain poured heavily. We had ample time though to have a sumptuous lunch and prepared to leave.

It was still raining heavily when we left. But before turning to the exit way, we headed to check St. Therese of the Child Jesus Chapel first but unfortunately it was closed due to ongoing renovation. It was an overnight well spent with relaxation, the trill of discovering a new place and conversation of sorts. It’s a bit far but I can say that it’s not with a tinge of regret. Besides, it’s for free! How can we not appreciate it more? :)

On our way back home, we took the other route – Nasugbu – Ternate Highway where you’ll pass by Canyon Cove Residential Beach Resort and the road leading to Punta Fuego. The view here is more wonderful as it gives you a wide-angle overlooking the sea. The rain did more wonders too. Such a special experience with the companionship I had with this bunch and the endless laughter too.

I’m truly grateful. Until the next awe-inspiring “escape”. :)


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