James 1:17 Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

I knew that this trip was meant to be from the very start because it materialized at a very opportune time. Years ago I have been dreaming of going to Kota Kinabalu (KK) to see Mt. Kinabalu and I was so glad to finally make it happen and this time celebrating my 40th too. I was joined by relatives whose company I was so grateful for – Ate Carina, Ate Fe (for whom we owe our hassle-free tours, accommodation and transportation, thank you so much, Ate!), Tito Romy and Tita Medy, and in KK, Tito Loy. Our flight was near midnight – chose it because I wanted to welcome my birthday while on air. Thank goodness it was not delayed! I slept almost during the entire flight and woke up being greeted by Ate Carina. :)

Upon landing and proceeding at the Immigration counter, I was in a deep sense of elation. That’s how appreciative I am of simple things and all that God has blessed me with. The thought of realizing I was finally where I wanted to explore made me really happy! Although we experienced a little bit of unexpected circumstances while processing our entry, exiting the doorway to where our sundo where was a relief. I felt our excitement on our way to our hotel but wasn’t able to ignore the sleepiness and the tiredness. Once we’re settled, we slept thinking it will be a laid-back day. And I, as a matter of fact, was looking forward to what I’ll see and experience. After all, this was my day and a simply special one at that!

We only had a city tour -but including a museum visit, so it was a day well spent. As for my birthday, I am not fond of celebrating through parties and the like. My joy is to spend some place far because it’s a chance to being by myself – a time for discerning. This was the 2nd time I spent my birthday outside the country. All I wanted was to see the Kota Kinabalu sunset for the first time. Early in the afternoon it rained but it never dampened my spirit. After our advance dinner at a mall nearby we proceeded to the Waterfront as planned. Once there, the drizzle stopped and minutes after, there goes the sun setting down.


I was so grateful, God gave me the one thing I wished for. And I’m glad I have the company of these wonderful people. I feel like a nobody but they made this day special for me (they bought a cake!). I can’t put into words how I felt at that moment – a truly unforgettable one, that one for the books! :-)



4 thoughts on “#40 at Kota Kinabalu

  1. Thanks a lot Ar Glene! There’s never been a dull moment with you on our trip. God bless…

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