So, I was (with the rest of the barkada here in the Philippines) at my most favorite getaway place in Batangas (so far) for the 3rd time! And this time around, with one of my childhood friends/kabarkada, ate Glenda who’s here for a vacation with her husband Kuya Dayo. Along with us also were (husband & wife tandem) Ate Sio and Kuya Johnny – Kuya Dayo’s brother. I was just glad that this road “ocular” (we shared a joke about this) trip pushed through because their schedule was hectic! The weather was a bit unpredictable that day due to occasional drizzles. And while we intended to use 2 vehicles, we all ended up in a Nissan Serena because it’s more fun together – never-ending laughter, throwing banters and with voices so loud it’s kind of deafening! Ah, the things I so regard as priceless moments. We stopped at the town proper to seek for food as most of us were already starving. Incidentally, we managed to find a decent restaurant – Lina’s Fastfood and had pancit and lomi to devour. A half an hour passed and we’re on the road again just a few minutes more to Stilts.

As we arrived earlier than expected, we went to check out first the Harmony Beach side of the resort. I haven’t explored this before so it was such a good idea. It’s vast for me amidst the heat and limited shelter. While Kuya Dayo had his drone in action, I was clicking away (using Ate Glenda’s DSLR camera) capturing the picturesque beach beauty under the scorching heat, which of course I didn’t mind. I had also the opportunity to take pictures of the couple while they’re at it since there was this “wedding set-up” along the shore. And enjoyed clicking away as this part has its own charm alongside Serenity Beach. I had to admit that although I wanted to do more shots, the heat was taking too much of my energy. So I was happy to be able to capture the scenery this way –

click photo for a larger view

The Sweet Spot has its new look that I like! It became more spacious and airy, add to that a relaxing vibe brought about by the wood theme and decor. Such a nice way to beautify the place more. Ordering our food for lunch was a breeze. And it didn’t take long until they were served. Such sumptuous meal we had, I’m actually salivating while typing this. But forgive me if I can’t remember names of the food we ordered. Ha ha ha The one I recall was their Special Bilao with a combination of pork, seafood and veggies.

click photo for a larger view

We did an ocular of the stilt houses after. Coincidentally we’re able to check inside one as the guests just checked out and saw spacious accommodation for family or friends and vibrant colors for capiz windows and table centerpieces. I love how a hammock is perfectly put outside for an absolute relaxation having the vast sea as a view and the wind putting you to sleep. We enjoyed testing the water by going down the wooden stairs. It would be nice really to stay for a night. I can imagine how it will be like seated here stargazing and listening to the sound of the waves calmly engulfing your state of being. Ah, my kind of solitude.

click photo for a larger view

Ok, enough of my imagination. It’s with excitement to remember our ATV adventure! I fondly recall our way to the ATV site from the entrance tothe reception area. We rode a pick-up and I among most of us were seated at the back. We took a video of us and halfway through as we were chatting, we had a good laugh and we laughed so hard it was so painful to the stomach already. I didnt know what triggered us but it was really a good one. I can’t remember though as of this writing whose phone was used and who was still able to have a copy of that video.

During my previous visits, there was no chance due to either time constraint and Ninang duties. So I was trilled to finally able to this time. We were briefed on how to use it including safety measures of course. Although I’m not fond of motorbikes, I didn’t hesitate because ATVs are 3 wheeled so I was good to go. After putting our safety gears, we’re off for a test drive within the perimeters and at about two turns, off we go!

click photo for a larger view

Tracks are a bit challenging, the rain poured minutes after we reached the 1st phase. Of which I was happy about.  While some of us were still getting the hang of it, it was manageable as the guides were readily attending us through the hurdles. And though I was on it already, I was very conscious of the hot part ( I assume it’s the engine) of the ATV as I was unintentionally hitting it with my right leg. In a nutshell, we enjoyed every minute of the ride! All the more, the scenery – the bushes and flowers we passed by especially that road near the shore – it made me imagine the would-be sight of this during sundown. It was tiring yes, but I’d go for another if given a chance but hopefully I’d like to make it happen coinciding with sunset viewing.

We left earlier than what we planned as we opted to check (or do an ocular) another resort in the area feeling satisfied and happy. It was indeed a wonderful day well spent!

This day was yet another memory filled road trip for me – for everyone. It made us bond with Ate Glenda and the rest as this was a chance of a lifetime since she’s based abroad for years now. And I’m grateful we’re able to share the fun and adventure here at Stilts.  It never disappoints, there’s more to explore and discover. The one that captured my heart in a sentimental way – a place where I spent momentous times with people who are dear to me.

Until the next ocular road trip, Stilts. :-)


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