It was only in the afternoon of our 2nd day on the island when we started exploring. There were 7 of us –Ate Fe, Ate Carina, Tito Romy, Tita Medy and Tito Loy and Uncle. Our first stop was at the Layang – Layangan Beach which the moment I took a glimpse of, I was elated. The place is beautiful and the thing was, I knew I’d witness a glorious sunset here. A perfect spot to have “sunset moments”. This instantly became my favorite! I was clicking away while feeling blessed to have seen such a peaceful and clean beach front.  And the vastness of the water that is the South China Sea. It’s nice also to see twigs, trunks and cute sea shells (I regret not bringing home some!) and do my customary thing – sand writing my name! :) Of course, the what seemed like pine trees to me add up to a picturesque canvass of this nature’s wonder.

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The stretch of fine cream sand is near two of the island’s historic tourist attractions – Surrender Point and Peace Park. As I was very conscious of the would-be setting sun, I wasn’t able to go see the former and only had a brief look-around of the latter. It’s funny to recall that I was frequently looking towards the beach ready to run towards it. And run fast I did when it’s time! ha ha ha I can never really miss the opportunity of capturing the one thing that makes me very happy and calm, that creation of God that is my solace and my kind of solitude. And I’m beyond grateful to see it at this part of the world.

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When I’m already free to see the park, it’s getting a little dark already so I hurriedly take pictures of the spots which are interesting for me and of us while I can. I knew I will never had the chance now to explore some parts but nevertheless I’m satisfied with what I have explored if only to remember it by. Besides, such has a symbolic story to it that I should respect and have a privilege of knowing.

According to the Attractions in Malaysia website –

The Peace Park is an important monument located in Labuan Island. It was built by the Japanese as they felt sorry and guilty of what their forefathers have caused in those early days. The Peace Park acts as a promise to peace and mankind. It also acts as an important bond between Japan and Malaysia. The Peach Park is a tribute to those who sacrificed their lives in the World War II.

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We headed after to the nearby food joint to try some delicacies like lamban and the famous satay. They’re delicious! For drinks, I ordered my fave cincau (now, I’m craving) while it’s coconut juice for them. Since it’s already dusk, it’s becoming uncomfortable for us to stay longer as there were already mosquitoes feasting on us. he he he Besides, we still had to give Ate Fe’s gift to one of her friends celebrating her birthday (and we ended up eating albeit our lack of readiness!)

Thank you Ate Fe, Tito Loy and Uncle for bringing us here. It was such a wonderful way to start our Labuan adventure! It’s with fondness that I brought with me the experience of having to bask with the beauty of this beach. And I shall forever take into heart another collection of sunset photos captured in awe. :)


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