Unlike last year, I didn’t plan any out of the country getaway for my birthday weekend. What I was aiming for was just staying at a city hotel, to disconnect from my daily grind and have the rest I so much needed. How grateful I was to achieve it. There’s nothing more I wanted than giving thanks to God and be with ‘me’ as I simply celebrate another blessed year.

“I’d only wanted to be alone. Alone had always felt like an actual place to me, as if it weren’t a state of being, but rather a room where I could retreat to be who I really was.” 
― Cheryl Strayed

The booking was a breeze through booking.com. I chose this hotel because of its proximity to malls and transport terminals. Besides, it has good reviews I’ve read through the site. It’s good to consider too because it has many branches across Asia and that meant quality service on their part. Initially though, I booked an AirBnb unit in Tagaytay City but I cancelled it realizing that I might not be able to drive since I failed to renew in advance my license weeks before (it is actually expired now.)

Before check-in, I bought enough food for my stay because I intended not to leave the hotel. I also got fastfood flyers placed at the reception area just in case I need to make a call for delivery. This was because not only do I want to maximize it but I just want to be a couch potato without the care in the world. :) But of course, it didn’t totally happen as I needed to attend to work concerns and other personal transactions I need to do. Nonetheless, it was a very restful respite – had the kind of sleep I always wanted, watched some movies of my type and catch up with my reading. Conveniently, wifi is available so I was able to check emails and answer to some.

After checking-out, I headed to the nearby mall to buy some items as a souvenir for my birthday. This has been my practice from years back. I also had in mind that afternoon checking the galleries on the upper floor and it’s nice to see that there’s an ongoing exhibit. I planned of going to the National Museum but decided not to due to time constraints. Good thing, I had a chance to see the works of Elmer Dumlao entitled Ground Zero: An artist comes home. I am a no art critic, I just love galleries but what I liked most about is that his works – presented as series Eye to Eye, Paper Play, Puzzles of Life and Golden Dream were made with metal, egg shells and paper. Also displayed is his poem dedicated to his mother, “Nagbabagang Butas ng Karayon”. How endearing can it possibly be?

“Good things aren’t supposed to just fall into your lap. God is very generous, but He expects you to do your part first.” – Audrey Hepburn

I attended the Mass afterwards at EDSA Shrine before going home. I was simply happy for another year God has blessed me with. This was the way I wanted my birthday to be and I’m grateful I made it happen. It’s heartwarming too to receive greetings from people close to me who remembered. And oh, I was given a watch in advance and a poem was made for me. I can’t ask for anything more than that. Because for me, I know who and what really matters. :)




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