Hi, I’m Arglene from the Philippines. Welcome to my blog! :) I’ve been blogging since February, 2005 when I thought I needed a breather from my stressful corporate life and I’m very much enjoying it since then. I practically share about my ramblings, food, restaurants, my snap shots especially of sunsets, happenings about people I love and care about, my love for reading and the books and magazines I hoard from Booksale and other leading bookstores and magazine stands. And of course the places I’ve been to including road trips, getaways and adventures.

I’m a simple Aries gal who basks on God’s blessings and now rekindling my relationship with Him. In my gratefulness, I relish the presence of my friends and family especially of my nephew, Adrean. I’m living simply and a quiet time, parks, libraries, art galleries, bookstores, or a nook inside coffee shops and a sense of solitude inside a church makes me happy, all the more quality time spent with people who matter to experience and discover new things and places. I would also love to explore my province Batangas and showcase the beautiful beaches, resorts, churches, restaurants, the food and of course, the heritage that goes with every town. This blog is my stress reliever and is definitely a significant part of my everyday life. It feels good to blog and share about my life’s snippets, its “travels” – the fun and hurdles along the way and be able to go years back and read the memories over and over again. Feel free to hang around and I’d really appreciate if you can drop a word or two. Happy reading! :)

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2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Arglene! Happy New Year! I was trying to find a way to leave a comment at your latest entry, but I can’t seem to find it.

    Best wishes for 2016!

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