My sister’s blog:     Random Arla

The bloggers I am grateful to have met online in one way or another —

Cez –  Vanilla and Caramel / Snap Happy Foodie

Char –  Staying True

FerdzIronwulf En Route

Frances –  Bloom, Flowers, Bloom

Jo –  The Square Root of 8

Kayni –  Kayni’s Corner Cafe

Kayni & Kepi –  Once A Year Nomads

Ki – If a tree falls in the middle of a forest…

Len  – Len Loves Life / Kanya-Kanyang Kwento / He Finds, She Finds

MyxLe Myxilog v5.0

BonitaNameless in Taipei: The Life of An Expat Balikbayan




4 thoughts on “Blog Reads

  1. Hi Arglene. I enjoy reading your blog entries. Makes feel more aware of the places that i never traveled when i was back home. I’ve known you since elementary days. Your Ate Glenda is one of my best school friends until now, though we don’t communicate that often.
    I wish you good luck in your journey and happy blogging. More places to blog in our hometown!

    1. Hello there Shiela! Thank you, that’s heartwarming to know. How I wish I can remember you somehow – I’m sorry, my memory fails me but I do hope to be able to see again the face behind the name. Glad to “meet” you here. Made me miss Ate Glenda. Thanks again! :)

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