A book is a gift you can open again and again. — Garrison Keillor

I remember my constraints while I was growing up but I knew that I love reading and books since I was a child. I started with reading my mother’s old copies of Reader’s Digest and Health & Home. And finding myself at the school’s library browsing the books, magazines, etc. and reading what caught my … More A book is a gift you can open again and again. — Garrison Keillor

Book Finds

One Saturday night after work, I had this urge to go to my fave local bookstore. This is one of the times that I just need to be surrounded with books and be trilled by finding some for a steal. Luckily I found these 7 and got them for only Php240. Always felt better after. … More Book Finds


It’s been a looong time since I did a Booking Through Thursday (BTT) post. I’m happy to be doing it again, so here goes: What proportion of the books you own are unread? As of now, I have almost 300 books and it’s sad to realize that about 85% of those, I haven’t read yet. … More BTT #3: UNREAD

1 book a week

I don’t make any resolutions anymore. But the one thing I am determined to do is to read one book a week. I was all the more serious of finally making it happen when I had these books-as gifts and on the spot buying: Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks. Bought this asap when I … More 1 book a week

book haven

Everytime I’m exhausted from work or simply pissed, I go straight to my fave Booksale branch in the city and spend an hour or two. Hoping to find a gem of an author I like or whatever book that will caught my fancy, I take my time. Because from there, I get to relax, free … More book haven

collecting them all

I arranged my pile of books the other night while simultaneously encoding the list for any updates. And I found out that I was able to unconsciously start a collection I want to pursue, given the chance. You see, I usually buy books from Booksale because they’re cheap but of course availability is limited. Not … More collecting them all

Christmas Wishlist: Books

The Last Air Bender: The Avatar’s Return James Cameron’s Avatar: Na’vi Quest Eat Pray Love (for my cousin-in-law) Have A Little Faith By Mitch Albom National Geographic Kids: Almanac 2011 (for my niece & nephew) TIME for Kids: Almanac 2011 (for my niece & nephew) 40 Stories of Passion by Bo Sanchez Celebrate Teachers (for a childhood friend) Love … More Christmas Wishlist: Books