@seconds.mnl: Home for the Creative Souls

I just want to share that I'm a very satisfied and happy customer of @seconds.mnl! This batch of goodies (used and sometimes new) is already my third purchase and I always feel giddy when I received the package. This October, my youngest sister and I will do an ocular visit to the locations somewhere in Lipa City … Continue reading @seconds.mnl: Home for the Creative Souls


@seconds.mnl’s pre-loved & (sometimes) new goodies

Many years ago, I used to frequent this ukay-ukay store (can't remember the store's name) somewhere in Kamias, Quezon City. I trusted the place and from experience, I got to score lovely pieces for an affordable price. I was into blouses and dresses during that time that I really had to ask the saleslady when … Continue reading @seconds.mnl’s pre-loved & (sometimes) new goodies

old songs

I can't remember when I started to love listening to old songs from the 60's & 70's. But I simply prefer them now than the new ones. Could it be associated with age or I just want this soothing feeling that listening to them brings? Can't really tell. he he Here are my picks (in no particular order):The Way … Continue reading old songs

simple joys

I'm on to a happy note. While I look forward to watching The Proposal and 500 Days of Summer, I savor the simple things that make me happy--the rainy dayssundae and fries tandem at McDonald'sreasonably fast internet connectionmy amaryllis in bloom hot chocolate at nightthe feel of my jammieslistening music through an e-portalhaving the house … Continue reading simple joys