eye care

During the time when I'm under medication for an infectious bacterial fever, I had red eyes (not sore eyes, though) which were very sensitive to light. I wasn't able to have them checked due to my condition. Man, it was so frustrating. Since I have the fever, I was very weak then, with no appetite and … Continue reading eye care


this phase of hers that will cease eventually

Lately, she has been contemplating on every aspect of her life. As she always do, anyway. It never ceases to put her into a "depressive" mode upon realizing that all these years, she never really got that far...because she never had the urge to. She had been a mediocre all her life, she thinks. So, another question of hers...what right does she have to … Continue reading this phase of hers that will cease eventually


I have teeth concerns that needed to be attended to. I have crooked and misaligned teeth and should worn braces many years ago. But I didn't. I have reasons why- inconvenience, pain, uncomfortableness and budget. Anyway, I finally did it. And after some pre-installation procedures (it took me so long to accept the fact that … Continue reading tiis-ganda

where the year 2014 sent me

I only had one major getaway for this year and for free- Balesin Island. After this I decided not to pursue any trip for the succeeding months because I believed that such will outdo them anyway. This trip is by far the most adventurous and wondrous of all. And I'll be forever grateful to be … Continue reading where the year 2014 sent me

a humbling experience

Recently, I've been busy with processing the scholarship grant of our company. It's been a fulfilling experience and a reality check for me. Upon hearing the stories of the applicants who are among the out-of-school youth in our area, I became very grateful with the fact that I'm simply blessed to be able to have … Continue reading a humbling experience