A book is a gift you can open again and again. — Garrison Keillor

I remember my constraints while I was growing up but I knew that I love reading and books since I was a child. I started with reading my mother’s old copies of Reader’s Digest and Health & Home. And finding myself at the school’s library browsing the books, magazines, etc. and reading what caught my … More A book is a gift you can open again and again. — Garrison Keillor

BATANGAS │ Fortune Island: The Greek-Inspired Escape in Nasugbu

When my Ate Carina called me to ask if I’m available to join her and her BFF, Wynn (among her son and friends) on a day tour at Fortune Island, I was hesitant to answer right away. I’ve known about this island located approximately 14 kms off the coast of Brgy. Bucana in the town of Nasugbu … More BATANGAS │ Fortune Island: The Greek-Inspired Escape in Nasugbu

eye care

During the time when I’m under medication for an infectious bacterial fever, I had red eyes (not sore eyes, though) which were very sensitive to light. I wasn’t able to have them checked due to my condition. Man, it was so frustrating. Since I have the fever, I was very weak then, with no appetite and … More eye care

BATANGAS │Laurel: Malagaslas & Ambon Ambon Falls

I love waterfalls. =) I grew up exploring some near our place. It’s practically part of my childhood and adolescent adventures. So, upon knowing that a trek to Laurel’s famous ones was included in our itinerary for a day tour at Amansinaya Mountain Resort, I was ecstatic. I enjoyed roaming around the resort with my friends, yes, … More BATANGAS │Laurel: Malagaslas & Ambon Ambon Falls


Proverbs 9:11  For by me your days will be multiplied, And years of life will be added to you. It’s been an overwhelming and meaningful turn-about for me this year and I’m grateful. Although I still have some disheartening things on the side, I have profoundly realized and saw how the Lord is changing me … More blessed


it felt so weird she realized. but the feeling did not subside, it made her so sad. she gazed at the setting sun with the windy dusk. and chilled at its warmth shed a tear, as if to warn. she looked away and sigh, this could never be. but suddenly, somehow she already knew that … More sunset